Our Portfolio is divided into three sections that represent the functions D’Ireys Cabinetmakers fills in the building industry.  These are:

  1. Integrated Interiors:   Projects which normally require cabinetry and associated millwork, architectural details and possibly furniture in a space.  We will do the design work from the beginning or take your design to completion from any stage along the way.
  2. Stand Alone Projects: residential or office furniture, cabinets, signs, ecclesial furnishings…anything in wood and even a bit of steel and glass.
  3. Parts and Pieces.  We began 35 years ago doing finish carpentry and discovered a need for the unusual piece for the standout job.   Since then we have been supplying builders ,architects, designers and homeowners with specialty parts for their projects.  Many are as simple as a piece of curved molding. Some are complicated assemblies requiring shop drawings or designs.  We are happy to supply just what you need.
  4. And finally some process photos of what is presently On the Bench:

For another method of viewing the photographs of our work you can look at the

“Case Studies” which give context to the work:  customer as well as architectural requirements that were met in the design and descriptions of particular details.