Terrie and Ken

D’Ireys Cabinetmakers have been in business since 1984.  I (Ken) studied Psychology at Whitman College and the University of Washington and went on to do Master’s work in Marriage and Family counseling.   Though I found the studies to be quite stimulating I decided to opt for something more tangible with a sense of completion at the end of the day.   Now I am able to ply my alternative trade by supporting my customers through the rigors of remodeling and construction projects.    I  say that somewhat in jest, but I very much enjoy the relational aspects of working with a customer to give life and function to their ideas.   I consider it a great privilege to be even a small part of making a house a home.


“So…where did you get that business name?”

Ken’s surname (Irish) found its early origins in a family from the province of IREYS, circa 900 AD, located in present day  Northwest France.The greater significance of choosing D’Ireys for our business name was to emphasize a perceived importance of historical and cultural roots in our present understanding of who we are. It’s regretful when our personal heritage is exchanged for a shallow image of short lived, popular culture.   We can choose to surround ourselves with lots of things to fill lots of space OR we can make an investment in our surroundings that speaks clearly of our heart and heritage — what was given to us and what we can pass on.


The Other Side of my life:

Supporting my wife’s work in establishing a sustainable, local food shed by teaching people to cook and preserve whole foods through her work with adults at Summer In A Jar  and Jubilee Farm CSA